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Revoke Invisible magnetic license plate holder (for 2 plates)

A plastic frame, fastening with snaps or Velcro are a thing of the past. Discover the innovative license plate mount from Revoke Automotive!

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A plastic frame, fastening with snaps or Velcro are a thing of the past. Discover the innovative license plate mount from Revoke Automotive!

Revoke magnetic holders are 100% hidden behind the license plate, thanks to which the plate itself looks very aesthetic. The mounting plates are only 6mm thick, making the plate almost adhering to the car body. Stand out from the crowd and make your car eye-catching!


This kit includes a set of holders for 2 license plates (both front and rear plate)


Apart from aesthetics, it is also possible to immediately and easily change the plates to custom ones, for example during a car rally, large events or a street car meet.


Quality, safety, versatility

Mass production was preceded by many months of tests and thousands of kilometers driven. Revoke magnetic license plate holders are resistant changing weather conditions and can safely withstand high speeds.

Revoke mount is adapted to all types of license plates. Regardless of whether you drive a motorcycle or a car, whether the plate is European or American, this mount will fit and meet your expectations.



In order to replace the classic frame with the new magnetic set takes only a few minutes, and you only need a screwdriver for assembly.

Each frame consists of two parts - the "A" part is the side of the bumper fastened with screws, the "B" part is the side of the license plate fastened with 3M VHB tape. The strong magnetic connection between the two parts is provided by powerful Neodymium magnets.

The "A" part is screwed to the original license plate mounting holes, hence you do not need to remove the bumper to install the holder (refer to installation image). Detailed instructions are included with the kit.


Product advantages:

  • high quality of all contents of the set
  • completely invisible fastening, hidden behind the license plate
  • ability to quickly change to another license plate
  • perfect for a gift

Kit includes:

  • 4 frames for mounting two license plates (front & rear)
  • aesthetic packaging
  • installation material
  • installation instructions
  • 2 alcohol wipes

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